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digitall-inspirations for competitiveness

Digital businesses and managers for economic and social competitiveness

MENTA is the most important meeting place for players in the digital economy, where we discuss the technological and social trends shaping industries, strategies to keep pace with accelerated change, and best practices that support business success with top executives and decision-makers who define the future.

Digitalization is no longer a sectoral issue but an essential tool for competitiveness across all areas of the economy. Everyone wants to perform at the forefront of the competition, but how can we succeed in this struggle? This year’s MENTA provides inspirations and much more to answer this question. The focus of this year’s presentations and panel discussions will be on fresh analyses and the hottest technological innovations, while also emphasizing the sharing of practical experiences and applicable guidelines and solutions.

Beyond professional content, we offer numerous networking opportunities because we believe that cross-industry collaborations and connections play a crucial role in ensuring that we are not just followers but also shapers of the future economy!

Be a shaper of the digital future and participate in the MENTA conference!

about IVSZ

IVSZ – ALLIANCE OF DIGITAL BUSINESSES is the most influential domestic organization representing the interests of the digital economy – based on the common interests of digitalizing companies in the IT, telecommunications, and other sectors. We provide a platform and expert support to more than 300 member companies and numerous collaborating professional organizations to enhance their business environment, opportunities, and effectiveness, thereby promoting the competitiveness of the entire Hungarian economy.


Discover the list of MENTA speakers who come from the forefront of the technology and business world. Each speaker is a recognized expert in their field and provides valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations. Get ready for inspiring presentations and exciting discussions that can open up new perspectives. Our list of speakers is continuously expanding.



Immerse yourself in MENTA’s diverse and exciting programs that reveal the latest technological trends and business strategies. Listen to inspiring talks from the industry’s best and meet key representatives of the business world!

Imagine an event filled with valuable experiences, influential business figures, and new ideas – that’s what this year’s MENTA will be like. Let’s spend the most exciting two days of this fall together on the shores of Lake Balaton!



Tickets for IVSZ members

Until 20 July 2024, early bird rates are applied for 89 000 Ft + VAT.

104 000 Ft + 27% VAT

Tickets for IVSZ members

104 000 Ft + 27% VAT

Until 20 July 2024, early bird rates are applied for 89 000 Ft + VAT.

Tickets for non IVSZ members

Until 20 July 2024, early bird rates are applied for 138 000 Ft + VAT.

154 000 Ft + 27% VAT

Tickets for non IVSZ members

154 000 Ft + 27% VAT

Until 20 July 2024, early bird rates are applied for 138 000 Ft + VAT.

*ATTENTION! The discounts for IVSZ members are conditional upon no outstanding membership fees.

The conference participation fee includes attendance at the 2-day event, as well as the costs for dinner, coffee breaks, and lunch. The taxes and contributions for these costs must be paid by the participant in accordance with the current laws and regulations. The ticket price does not inculde accommodation . It is not possible to purchase a one-day participation ticket for the conference.

The meal cost included in the participation fee is 47,500 HUF + 27% VAT.


The venue
Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort

“Where Balaton embraces you…”

  • stunning panorama, the soothing colors of Lake Balaton
  • quality ingredients, refreshments, mouth-watering bites, grilled dinners
  • precise event technology, rooms with natural light
  • one hour’s drive from Budapest
  • vast green areas in the hotel garden


The premium rooms are elegantly minimalist, with artistically selected unique textiles and watercolor technique decorations that evoke the soothing feeling of Lake Balaton. Almost every room offers a stunning view.

Single room: 43,800 HUF + VAT/night

Double room: 48,000 HUF + VAT/night

frequently asked questions

We are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions about the conference to ensure you arrive prepared and we can provide the best possible experience for all participants. Below, you will find the most important information about registration, programs, the venue, and other practical details. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

How can i purchase a ticket for the conference?

By clicking on the Ticket Purchase menu item or the Buy My Ticket button, you will find the necessary information for purchasing a ticket for the event. You can only purchase your ticket online, and the total amount can be settled by bank transfer or credit card payment. During registration, you also have the option to book a room at the conference venue, Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort ****.

Until when can i purchase a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased until September 18, 2024, provided there are still available spots at the venue. Please note that registration will close once the venue’s capacity is reached, regardless of the previously mentioned deadline, so we recommend registering as soon as possible!

Can multiple people from our company or institution attend the conference? is group registration possible?

Yes, anyone can initiate the purchase of multiple tickets. In the case of group registration, only the initiator of the registration will have access to the data of all the registered persons, and they cannot log in individually. You can also book accommodation for group members or only certain individuals.

Does the ticket price include catering?

The participation fee provides comprehensive catering for our guests during the specified period. On the first day of the conference, this includes coffee breaks, lunch, a non-alcoholic drink package, and a gala dinner. On the second day of the conference, it includes breakfast and a coffee break.

Will i receive an invoice for my participation?

Yes, after the fee is paid, an electronic invoice will be sent to the email address provided during registration.

How can i get to the hotel?

Participants arrive individually at the event. Parking is limited in the hotel’s parking lot and the surrounding streets.

Is it possible to book accommodation?

Yes, during registration, you can book a room directly at the Hunguest Hotel Bál Resort ****, the conference venue.

Can i cancel my registration?
  • If the cancellation is received before August 15, 2024, the paid participation fee and accommodation fee will be refunded.
  • For cancellations received between August 15 and September 10, 2024, a 50% refund of the registration fee will be provided.

We cannot accept cancellations after September 10.

In connection with your your registration and reservation please feel free to contact at

Whom should i contact if i have further questions?

If you have any questions regarding the event, registration, invoicing, or accommodation, please write to Our colleagues will be happy to assist you.


MENTA would not be possible without the support of our sponsors, who are committed to business development. We are proud to work with companies that play a leading role in their respective industries and contribute to the success of the conference. We thank our partners for enabling the creation of an event that inspires and connects the shapers of the future.

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